The Piedmont House

is a halfway house for nonviolent male felons providing shelter, haven, food, other support services and commonsense counseling in a ninety-day program with an emphasis on finding and maintaining employment. Piedmont House is a private, nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization operating under contract with the Virginia Department of Corrections Community Residential Program.

Piedmont House is staffed 24-hours a day and operates in close coordination with probation and parole officers and prison counselors from throughout the state. Many of the enrollees, referred to as residents, in Piedmont House come from throughout the state. Piedmont House has a detailed screening policy and not all applicants are accepted into the program. Please see ADMISSIONS on the right for more information.

Residents are required to conduct themselves in a civil manner on and off grounds, find and maintain employment, turn in and save all funds in a Resident Savings Account provided for them, begin paying court-ordered fines and restitution, make modest compensation payments to the Department of Corrections and Piedmont House and provide twenty hours of community service in addition to routine household chores. The illegal use of drugs and any use of alcohol are strictly forbidden and residents must submit to on-demand drug and alcohol testing by staff. You may download a sample RESIDENT AGREEMENT form on the right which all residents are required to sign and abide by.

Residents of good conduct are provided pass time and, in the last thirty days of their time in the program, a 72-hour furlough in the community in which they will be living after completing the Piedmont House program.