Admission Policy & Procedure

GENERAL INFORMATION: Piedmont House uses an application form and accepts only nonviolent male felons who are in relatively good health and have no record of sex crimes. The latter point is in compliance with the Virginia Department of Corrections contract under which Piedmont House essentially operates as a community-based work release program. Residents admitted to the program come from three sources, prison, jail or from “the street”. From the street means a probationer who commits some violation of the terms of his probation and whose probation officer believes the probationer will benefit from a more structured environment. All applicants must be under active Department of Corrections supervision. No one can be admitted to the program without Department of Corrections funding. While Piedmont House is glad to respond to any inquiries, no one will be admitted without the express approval of an element of the Department of Corrections. Private pay referrals will be considered.

PRISON INMATES: Prison inmates seeking admission to Piedmont House must work through their prison counselors to begin the admission process. Prison counselors will be asked to provide a number of documents to Piedmont House to allow an informed decision as to the suitability of an applicant. Inmates using Piedmont House as part of their home plan must agree in writing to a full ninety-day stay.

Prison counselors are asked to contact the Department of Corrections Offender Management Services Unit for assistance in placing an inmate.

JAIL INMATES OR THOSE ALREADY RELEASED FROM JAIL: Jail inmates and those being sent from the street must work through their probation officers or jail personnel. Probation Officers are asked to provide the same information provided above.

NOTE ON VIOLENT CRIMINAL HISTORY: Consideration will be given to those who have a criminal history involving only misdemeanor arrests for such crimes as assault and battery convictions which are not recent.

Download the Piedmont House referral form here: Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.