Piedmont House uses an application form and accepts only nonviolent male felons who are in relatively good health and have no record of sex crimes. The latter point is in compliance with the Virginia Department of Corrections contract under which Piedmont House essentially operates as a community-based work release program. Residents admitted to the program come from three sources, prison, jail or from “the street”. From the street means a probationer who commits some violation of the terms of his probation and whose probation officer believes the probationer will benefit from a more structured environment. All applicants must be under active Department of Corrections supervision. No one can be admitted to the program without Department of Corrections funding. While Piedmont House is glad to respond to any inquiries, no one will be admitted without the express approval of an element of the Department of Corrections. Private pay referrals will be considered. Upon admission to the Piedmont House Community Residential Program, all residents must agree to and sign the Resident Agreement. The Resident Agreement incorporates several Department of Corrections mandatory standards or rules. The Resident Agreement will be read aloud to the resident who is also invited to read along with the admissions counselor. Each point must be initialed by the resident and the document must be signed. A copy of the signed Resident Agreement will be provided to the Resident and to his Probation Officer. The latest version of the Resident Agreement is provided below and Prison Counelors and Probation Officers are invited to have an applicant thoroughly read and understand the agreement as part of the appliant’s consideration of the Piedmont House Community Residential Program. Please note that no part of the Resident Agreement is subject to negotiation with the applicant.